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Like most people I have no idea how to describe myself. By profession, I am an accountant (Certified Management Accountant) but I have been described as an 'abnormal accountant'. I take that as a compliment since the stereotypical accountant is pretty boring. I think that I am considered abnormal because of my wide variety of non-traditional interests. I am passionate about social media and its role in business and career success. I am passionate about information - everything from happiness research to spirituality to success (business and personal). I love to read books and blogs and I started writing these blogs as a way to share what I have been reading (and thinking) about. My more normal interests are NHL hockey and independent Canadian music.
My favorite vacation spot is Las Vegas even though I don't really gamble - just a few dollars a day wasted in slot machines. Vegas is a great place to see live music and just a fun place to hang out.
Right now I am back working in my profession, but from 2004 to 2009 I ran my own company doing everything from managing musicians to writing policy to working with small businesses as a coach. You can check out my website (above) if you'd like to learn more about me.